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The famous overseas brand shoes and dancewear created in Toronto, moved to France to distribute its products in most European countries.

When dance meets fashion: This is the feeling that radiates nossurprenantes range of dance shoes. A unique collection of 77 models of shoes designed and created to danserle Tango, Salsa, Shows, Latin dances, as well as all the standard social dances dances.

When technology meets your needs: Our shoes are hand made ​​with a unique design using premium materials carefully selected. A cautionary for unparalleled comfort and unmatched stability final result. More than a shoe, the complementarity of your art.

Natural Spin Torronto is located in Canada.


Since their inceptionThe main elements of their society were focused on their service and delivery of dance shoes of excellent quality at affordable prices.

Natural Spin specializes in the design,the manufacture and sale of a wide range of quality dance shoes. (Latin dance shoes, salsa shoes, tango shoes, ballroom dancing shoes, dance sports etc ...)

Adaptingthe most modern materials and production technologies in collaboration with professional dancers, Natural Spin offers "professional, fashionable and comfortable."


Therefore, Natural Spin has managed to become one of the biggest names in dance shoes worldwide.

  Their creed is the perfection of their dancing shoes. is the exclusive distributor forFrance of this brand shoes Canadian dance, you will find a wide selection of dance shoes of exceptional quality.


The shoes range are custom made ​​to order. So you have a wide choice of heel for each model of dance shoes.


For shoes Argentine Tango and Salsa shoes, you can opt for a leather sole Sweden (nubuck) or smooth leather soles. So you can customize the shoes to all types of salsa and tango to suit your requirements.

The NaturalSpin shoes come in several ranges:

- NaturalSpin Club (entry level shoes to practice moderate leisure)

- NaturalSpin (average range shoes for the dance practice in leisure)

- NaturalSpin Signature (dance shoes High quality, designed for intensive dance)

- NaturalSpin Designer shoes (salsa and tango shoes high range designed for intensive salsa and tango)

For further information do not hesitate to contact us by email or 03-67-10-16-89

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